A weekend highlight: Shakespeare Festival

October 13, 2021
Source: College St Mary's

      The Shakespeare Festival in St. Mary’s is one of the most anticipated weekends of the year. The night is lit up by the lights of the booths, the air is blended with scents from the rows and rows of vendors, and best of all, the music never ceases to ring throughout the woods. The College students were able to participate in the music making on Friday and Sunday of the first weekend of the Festival!  With Father Franks at the helm, the students, lacking neither in gusto nor excitement, took to the stage with their jaunty voices and talented instrumentalists. Their repertoire consisted of songs which frequently float through the college stairwell and reading room, often accompanied by the piano as well as a string instrument or two. The Festival gave the students a chance to share their musical college life, an opportunity not often presented but always accepted!