The Associates of Arts Curriculum

St. Mary’s College offers a fixed two-year Catholic liberal arts curriculum. The Humanities core promotes integration of all subjects, encouraging students to move beyond compartmentalized thought, and to recognize the importance of each curricular component in their ultimate formation. Within Catholic and liberal arts parameters, lower and higher sciences harmonize as the student both absorbs inductive processes and makes deductive connections; ultimately, an insightful thinker emerges, able to recognize truth through causes. The St. Mary’s curriculum provides a legitimate and fully Catholic liberal arts foundation for students, whether they choose to continue their studies in a four-year elective curriculum, or in a professional degree program.

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First Semester (20 Credits) Second Semester (20 Credits)
ENG 101: Lit./Comp. I (3) ENG 102: Lit./Comp. II (3)
HIS 101: Ancient History (3) HIS 102: Medieval History (3)
LAT 111/21/31 or 141 (3) LAT 112/22/32 or 142 (3)
MAT 111 or 121 (3) MAT 112 or 122 (3)
MUS 101: Western Music I (2)           MUS 102: Western Music II (2)
PHI 101: Logic (3) PHI 102: Natural Philosophy (3)
THE 101: De Revelatione (3) THE 102: De Ecclesia (3)


First Semester (19 Credits) Second Semester (19 Credits)
COM 201: Public Speaking (1) COM 202: Public Speaking (1)
ENG 201: Lit./Comp. III (3) ENG 202: Lit./Comp. IV (3)
HIS 201: Early Modern History (3)     HIS 202: Modern History (3)
LAT 221/31/41 or 251 (3) LAT 222/32/42 or 252 (3)
PHI 201: Psychology (3) PHI 202: Ethics (3)
PHY 201: Physical Science I (3) PHY 202: Physical Science II (3)
THE 201: God and Creation (3) THE 202: God and Redemption (3)



Catholic Teacher Seminars

The College hosts annual Catholic Teacher training seminars conducted by the US District Education Committee which provide opportunities for current and prospective teachers in US District schools to acquire methods training and resources previously only available to students attending the Catholic Teacher Training Program. The College and the District Education Committee believe that successful and effective teachers both understand the spirit of Catholic education and possess the tools and training to educate students in accordance with that spirit. The Catholic Teacher Seminars were developed to show new teachers how to approach education by giving them an introduction to the philosophy of education as well as an understanding of the spirit of Catholic education. Beyond establishing this theoretical foundation, the Seminars provide not only practical instruction to new teachers in the methods and practices of successful teachers, but continuing support throughout the year.