Performing Gabriel Faure’s Requiem

March 30, 2022
Source: College St Mary's

The hidden treasures of St. Mary’s College were brought into the spotlight this past weekend as St. Mary’s College Chamber Chorale performed a Masterwork, Gabriel Faure’s Requiem, also known as a “Lullaby to Death”. Directed by Dr. Andrew Childs, Associate Dean of St. Mary’s College and former Managing Coordinator of Voice and Opera at the Yale School of Music, the college students were given the unique opportunity to grow closer as a unit and learn vocal techniques from Dr. Childs himself. As liberal arts students, they were given the opportunity to share a glimpse of the education they are receiving through the beauty of art, for, through the true Catholic faith, guided by the light of natural reason, one knows with certainty that he ought not to fear the death of the body, but rather the “death” of the soul. As they sang this “Lullaby to Death”, accompanied by Dorothy Armesto (SMC Alumna 2011) on the violin and Elena Baquerizo (SMC Alumna 2018) on the organ, the St. Mary’s College students used their voices not only to entertain an audience for an evening, but to inspire in them a deeper understanding of man’s last moments that will resonate with them for the rest of their lives.



Listen to the full performance of St Marys College Faure Requiem here: