A new College Theme and Holy Card, 2021-2022

September 29, 2021
Source: College St Mary's

St. Marys College theme of 2021-2022: Vita Erat Lux Hominum. [John 1:4]

Fra Angelico’s Transfiguration (1440-1442), the fresco on the wall of Cell 6 in the Convento di San Marco in Florence, is the image the St. Mary’s College chaplain chose for their holy card this year to present the theme of Christ as the light of truth.  Emanating a radiant aureole, Christ in dazzling white garments, with His arms outstretched as in crucifixion, stands upon a rock as in His glorious resurrection.  The apostles Saints Peter, James, and John apparently overwhelmed by the vision fall to their knees at His feet, while the Blessed Mother and St. Dominic steadfastly stand on either side in rapt contemplation just below the images of Moses and Elias, who gaze unperturbed upon Our Lord.  Only Christ, the Light of the world and the Word of God can enlighten the intellect with the truth, which students pursue at SMC.  The light of Christ dispels the darkness, His truth contradicts those who will to live by lies, and incites at times their hatred, which students can prepare to confront with personal integrity and prayerful courage.