A fun Gingerbread House Competition

January 31, 2022
Source: College St Mary's

Recently the first and second floor girls in the college dorm engaged in a competitive but friendly gingerbread house competition. Barricading themselves in their respective kitchens, (and occasionally sending out spies), we set about to outdo each other. On first floor, we spent the next three and a half hours designing, piecing together, and decorating a replica of Loyola - our home away from home complete with gargoyles and Max the cat molded out of starbursts. The residents of second floor made a cozy gingerbread home with a pond, reindeer, and icicled eves. While first floor ended up winning the competition, winning wasn't really what it was all about. What was important was the time spent creating, talking, and singing with our college sisters.

~ by Ursula, freshman class of 2022