Beginning a new year: Opening Ceremony

September 01, 2020
Source: College St Mary's

On Saturday August 29th SMC official commenced the school year with an opening Mass followed by a collegiate luncheon.

As the first corporate act of the academic year, the 13 Faculty members, together with the College's 74 students, gathered at the Altar and assisted at a solemn high votive Mass of the Holy Ghost. Fr. Rutledge reminded students and staff in his sermon of the true goal of Catholic education. Though many today, he remarked, seek knowledge, it is often a seeking of human erudition or technical prowess, pursued rather for ultility, vanity or self-interest than for the love of Truth. We pursue an arduous course of studies solely for the love of the truth, and ultimately to form our souls to the Divine Truth - Jesus Christ. The faculty members then made the anti-modernist oath, expressing the same fact practically, the Truth is given from above, it is not ours to change: we submit our minds to the order of God - that is the true wisdom. 

After Mass the students and faculty met and dined together for the first time as a College family. The spirit of excitement and familial care evident already at this first meal promises a year marked by a generous charity and lively camaraderie.